sandy shoots

 the hot & messy sand, the coastal breezes, a little bit of chaos and bright, bright sun feel so much like me.

so grateful for families like this that allow me to do this.

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it’s the time of year that i’m trying to live up the carefree days of summer & preparing for the rush of the holiday photoshoot season. both have me excited in totally different ways…

i’m making my list for the fall sessions and scheduling for august, september, october and november. and like every year it becomes more and more full as the weeks pass!!

i give huge top priority to all my favorites/returning friends and clients of course! just let me know if you want in on “the list” again.

if you are new to me, i’d love to work with you, let’s chat!

if you are curious about pricing :: here you go…

full sessions last one to two hours, locations are flexible and can even include both your home and the beach (or whatever you dream up) – includes about 100-150 high res images and a box of a some large & small professional prints : $750

mini sessions last thirty minutes and take place in and around the del mar/solana beach area – includes 30 high resolution images (children mini $300, family mini $450)


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ten on ten : july

today.  a photograph each hour, over ten hours. ten on ten.

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it’s hard to know what to share, what to write, how much to divulge when i take photographs for others of a time or experience that has so much meaning & emotion connected to it. when my friend corey villicana & her sister kelly sweda asked me to come be with them as they celebrated their dad’s 70th birthday, i was honored & humbled. these lovely and talented girls have thousands and thousands of people following their beautiful photography on instagram.  real life for these two is rich, deep, and authentic. photographing their father’s birthday was about the authenticity of what this birthday meant to them all .. just intimate moments for their family.  corey and i have sat for many moments and hours talking life… usually present… sometimes past. she is so much heart. she has written about her father, who’s 70th birthday was celebrated. here are a few words from corey:

my father, david. prior to him nearly loosing his life last year after a catastrophic change to his brain function, which propelled him into his memory loss, one of our favorite things to do was to sit over an old box of pictures and sift through them together. we would do this over and over again, whether it be a holiday or any ole day, over a cup of coffee // we would pull pictures from the box and i would ask him to repeat his stories to me, asking for as much detail as possible. this served as a great way for me to spend what i consider to have been concentrated quality time with my father, but also as an opportunity for me to learn more about a life of his that i didn’t know very much about // growing up with alcoholic father, there wasn’t much bonding time, not much time for us to sit and reminisce about the life of his that he was trying constantly to forget // … in the moments that i look at my father now and my heart breaks for what his life has become, i think about pictures… and remember that regardless of the struggle and the strife that he’s had in his life, all of the hard moments that he’s endured, that he also had moments… his memories have become my memories, and they’re safe with me.



all american

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summer roadtrip, up the coast

up the coast that we love, of which we could never see enough…

and the family (and friends that are like family), that we love, and feel we never see enough.

san diego, ventura, carmel, santa cruz, monterey, big sur… enough said. California is amazing.

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coast and love

we are spending this week exploring the california coast and visiting loved ones… can’t wait to share the captures along the way soon…

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school is out!!!!

and this is how we feel about it:

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ten on ten :: june

 today the sun never came out on the coast and june gloom was in full effect. it a slow sort of day.more here:


so adorable it’s overwhelming.

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f a c e b o o k