lark esther

- our first week –

it’s all a bit of a blur. a beautiful, blissful, sleepless blur.



our little sweet girl joined our family this weekend.

we are all so in love.



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summer coming close

as we approach june and all the summer glory —

i watched this little compilation of last summer and got excited to see how similar and how different our upcoming summer will be…


summer 2015 from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.

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weekend & time before

i realized how much i want to capture these last days or weeks before baby sister comes. what our life with just the boys is like… the times just before.  and what a full & beautiful life to capture. lately i don’t have the energy to pull out the camera, but i am so glad i did.

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ten on ten : may

i got my days scrambled and did ten on ten on the 9th… either way i still love the exercise after all these years.

photographing a day — a photo an hour over ten hours. more on rebekah’s blog


signing off

as i wrap up images from the past few weeks i shot for others, i begin a long break from the “working” part of photography.

i am excited to announce, i’m taking five big months off from photography work and will photograph our little family & life exclusively…

it’s now just about a month away — our little baby will join the crew.

i think this camera of mine will be quite busy over those five months…

i will be back at it (work) in october & november for some limited sessions that were booked back in february. other than that — i won’t be in full swing again taking new sessions until 2017!

feeling so grateful for my family and all my people that i get to call both clients and friends.


a few little glimpses into the last bit of work for a long time.

hugs, stacy

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brother… brother…

sister!…and then we ate pink frosted cookies next to pink flowers. but that may be the extent of pink for all of us for a while.


monday morning

morning at the gardens with my little buddy & my “nifty fifty” lens

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ten on ten : april


f a c e b o o k