my little one

happy birthday sweet boy.

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“sun is shining, weather is sweet.

makes you want to move…”


golden summer nights

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that kind of summer day

at home, napping in swim shorts in mama & daddy’s bed… making cookies early in the morning so the oven doesn’t make the house hot (and filling up on cookie dough before 8am). timing when windows and doors are open to keep the inside cool. sweet visitors, friendship memories. no big agenda.

i have been saving up summer pictures, for next week to post a lot all at once. but also, a lot of our summer beach days or pool days the camera has rested. here’s something bizarre, i really wrecked my right arm this year – from my camera! (who knew that was a risk of the job)… but with rest and chiropractic treatment, it’s on the mend…

and one more note. i really love this space, my blog. it feels like one space with no pressure, no rigidity, no expectations. i can post as little or as often as i want. and really have no idea if people follow here or not. and, well, there it is. simply that. i appreciate this creative space – for myself.

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february 2014, i walked into the beverly hills courthouse. looking for a couple i’d never met to photograph their civil ceremony.

they instantly had my heart.

somehow, since then, we’ve photographed deeply personal moments in beverly hills, venice beach, south carolina, cardiff, and recently, back to los angeles for what may have been my favorite shoot so far.

and baby east. you are just too perfect.

you are so loved by two incredible, warm & gracious humans.

you, east… i can’t wait to see who you are and who you become. i know you are amazing, and anticipate you will just somehow become more and more so.

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ten on ten august

a train ride to a petting zoo, around home & a photoshoot on a perfect summer evening.

a photo an hour, over the course of the day.view more or participate in ten on ten : here


ten on ten

i’m looking forward to catching up on my blog later today with my set of ten on ten (main site here). after last week, with six photoshoots, i’m looking forward to playing with my boys and photographing them!

a photo an hour, over ten hours. check back tonight!

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sandy shoots

 the hot & messy sand, the coastal breezes, a little bit of chaos and bright, bright sun feel so much like me.

so grateful for families like this that allow me to do this.

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it’s the time of year that i’m trying to live up the carefree days of summer & preparing for the rush of the holiday photoshoot season. both have me excited in totally different ways…

i’m making my list for the fall sessions and scheduling for august, september, october and november. and like every year it becomes more and more full as the weeks pass!!

i give huge top priority to all my favorites/returning friends and clients of course! just let me know if you want in on “the list” again.

if you are new to me, i’d love to work with you, let’s chat!

if you are curious about pricing :: here you go…

full sessions last one to two hours, locations are flexible and can even include both your home and the beach (or whatever you dream up) – includes about 100-150 high res images and a box of a some large & small professional prints : $750

mini sessions available as well, contact me for more details.


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ten on ten : july

today.  a photograph each hour, over ten hours. ten on ten.

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f a c e b o o k