a minimal closet

it’s taken some intention & arranging – but my closet is feel freeing and manageable these days.

less clutter, less potential for a mess = less headache, less stress

less clothes = less time spent thinking about what to wear, because there just aren’t that many options.

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the sweetest sleeping angel

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ten on ten – september

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week (or so) of preciousness & milestones


a lot of little moments

just a second here and there… all thrown together over this summer

creating a most memorable, simple summer.



holding close

i love holding her close. and i’m intentional on being present and aware of how precious holding her close is.

i’m holding close these moments, these days. when one is so little and the others still too.

i’m holding close her little breathes to mine, i check still all through the night to feel her chest rise up and down.

i’m holding close her softness, and my boys closeness to me. when i feel like i have no personal space, i remember how quickly these days will go.

while i savor her sweetness, i cannot stop the worry. while i cherish my boys fun & energy, their rowdy ways still drive me nuts sometimes.

probably because she is my third and last, maybe because she is a girl… but i truly am cherishing everything about it all. somehow even cherishing the worry a mother holds for her newborn.

because before i know it, she’ll be a little rowdy along with the rest of them.

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ten on ten :: august

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two months of sweetness

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the last weeks of july

time is moving slowly & quickly – somehow simultaeously

a road trip, beach trips, swim dips, lots of friends, quiet home play, smiles from lark, doctor trips, health concerns, ice cream indulgences… what a couple of weeks.

in just a couple days she will be two months. realizing that – my head spins at all she’s already done.

the best part of july has been celebrating this little girl – after two years is now cancer free!!!


mid summer


f a c e b o o k