the now

amongst the craziness lately, there are & have been some beautiful moments of peace & calm at home. which is a good thing, a necessity. only moments, but those moments are good.



savoring & cherishing photos of the last two + years at home.


sandy ruffles & golden tides

i don’t always shoot at the beach. but truly don’t mind that lately that’s been mostly where i’ve been.


it just was irresistible

hey stacy, how about do a photoshoot at your favorite beach with some lovely friends on a perfectly warm sunday evening?

hmmm, ok.

and maybe we all may have a little too much fun.

and maybe all get a little too wet…  it just felt so perfect, it was irresistible.


so many stories

i teared up reliving how their stories have come together and move forward as one story. their love, their life, their family – a beautiful blend of their past and their present.

a little more of their sweet love here & here


scott & lindsey from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.


autumn sunset

the sky went from blue, to gray, to pink over the pacific last night as i photographed a friend’s sweet family.

my boys and their babysitter walked to the beach from the nearby soccer field & met us on the sand.

we came home sandy, hungry & grateful. as crazy as this season is for me as a photographer – i love it. love it so much.

i snapped these two images as i walked up from the shoot.  the sun had set. and truly the sky kept getting better and better.

there is something glorious about being in love with where you are, but seeing the beauty and the wonder of something unfold. 


the sun set on us

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