stark vs simple

sunday, after sending my sister and her family off to move to europe, i came home and for the first time when i walked into my home, it felt stark and empty. usually i feel like i take a deep breath of the calm and simplicity… but it felt stark.  and after about an hour – i cried.

because it just felt that way after the beautiful messy chaos all together.  but yesterday, i started embracing the complexity of loving messy chaos and cherishing simplicity and quiet.  wishing they lived next door, but excited for them to live a life to the fullest.


field & shore

with the little bit of rain we barely sucked out of the sky – we found some green to photograph these sweet girls running through.  but our local shores & beauty came through once again as i photographed this friend’s family. their adorable freckles, twinkling sweet eyes, & genuine, authentic love for one another made this a treat.

field & shore from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.


sigma 50mm/1.4

this week i was shipped a new lens to borrow, use & then review for it’s a beautiful soft lens. as i have looked around at other reviews for this lens, i realize what a different perspective i take on photography and camera equipment.  just a few more days using this little gem of a lens and then off to write my review…  i’ll post here a link to the review as soon as it is up!

photo taken with canon 5d mark II, with SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG lens

ISO 100, 50mm, 1.4, 1/60

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spring break, the husbands had to work – so we took all the kids out to camp. get dirty. get sunny. and soak in some dreamy fog.

and nobody cried, everyone slept great, no one argued, and everyone was perfect. (oh wait, that isn’t true…)

but we did have a perfectly wonderful time.
and then clean & tired & cozy…


blue ball


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ten on ten

we started the day rolling around in dirt on our last day camping…

strolled through a dense, thick fog…

and then scrubbed up…

& cleaning up

ending the day snug back in bed at gramma’s.

learn more about joining in with ten on ten HERE



i mentioned briefly here that i was doing a small handful of workshops for some friends & a few clients this spring, and through the process of four workshops i held in my home, i think i was re-inspired in my vision & philosophy behind my camera, the lenses, and the non-sense technical weights.  as an introvert, i feel content with the process i did quietly in my mind – but thought it would be a special place to jot down a few of the key things that have stood out to me.

overall, i was reminded of why i take pictures.  as i sat with small circles of others, i was so re-inspired for the purity of photographing the most precious, insignificant, beautiful, & boring moments in my home & life.

that the biggest reason i want a camera – is to photograph and freeze the life of my family.the other key component that by the end became what i felt to be the most important aspect of the workshops—  the phrase “corrective emotional experience” & “cognitive restructuring” kept popping into my head.  from my old days as a social worker and therapist. i’m totally am using it out of context – but feel like a few things clicked for me (no pun intended).

photography is so emotional, because in some ways is a form of therapy.  

as i led the workshops, by the end i felt the strongest about the reality that because life is not always simple, or beautiful, or slow – i use photography as a way to restructure my focus, my gaze, and my energy to what is simple, beautiful and slow in life.  and in that – i see God’s beauty all around.  i see sweet emotions & simplicity.  and while when i am photographing my brain and emotions are often far from simple, often imperfect & messy… it’s shocking how much of a therapy revisiting things are in stills afterwards.
so i opened my little tiny house.  and my small space to a few, very few. and while they walked away hopefully understanding ISO and appeture and shutter speed… i hope they walked away with a renewed sense to stop & notice. and then to photograph. to help remember. because life really is beautiful & we can make efforts to change our thoughts too.


f a c e b o o k