found: autumn in san diego

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after school exploring


school moms

mom tip :: find really kind, down to earth, accepting, fun school moms and become friends.

then eat & drink treats on a school night, after bedtime, together.


to hold him soon

their first sweet son, our little nephew. we all can’t wait to see his eyes, his hair. see him wiggle his little toes. oh we just are so excited. 


just a little business about packages…

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i wish they lived next door.

i asked gretchen what she loves. she said, “simple pleasures… my morning coffee, trees, gardening, healing, beauty… connection…”

then she added “thrift stores and growing.” she’d make the perfect neighbor for me.

sweet family so playful & passionate.

15 years ago in seattle we met, and she’s never stopped being adorably beautiful inside and out.

i absolutely loved re-connecting with this sweet seattle family. seattle sure has some good folks. at least they like to visit san diego.


at home

be you. however that is. wild, silly, nurturing. quiet. your family as you are.

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the air so warm, the water just perfect.

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jump in, all in

the warm summer sun, the refreshing salty ocean… and them. uncontainable joy.

i finished refreshed.

then we all ate burritos at my house.

humbled to know them.

honored to photograph them.

inspired to live like them.

hopeful to one day join them.

who are they!? it’s all here.


kai’s horsey party

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f a c e b o o k