holding close

i love holding her close. and i’m intentional on being present and aware of how precious holding her close is.

i’m holding close these moments, these days. when one is so little and the others still too.

i’m holding close her little breathes to mine, i check still all through the night to feel her chest rise up and down.

i’m holding close her softness, and my boys closeness to me. when i feel like i have no personal space, i remember how quickly these days will go.

while i savor her sweetness, i cannot stop the worry. while i cherish my boys fun & energy, their rowdy ways still drive me nuts sometimes.

probably because she is my third and last, maybe because she is a girl… but i truly am cherishing everything about it all. somehow even cherishing the worry a mother holds for her newborn.

because before i know it, she’ll be a little rowdy along with the rest of them.

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ten on ten :: august

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two months of sweetness

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the last weeks of july

time is moving slowly & quickly – somehow simultaeously

a road trip, beach trips, swim dips, lots of friends, quiet home play, smiles from lark, doctor trips, health concerns, ice cream indulgences… what a couple of weeks.

in just a couple days she will be two months. realizing that – my head spins at all she’s already done.

the best part of july has been celebrating this little girl – after two years is now cancer free!!!


mid summer


the first month

i wish so much i had more photographs of how this first month has really been. but the reality is, it has been intensily lived (with little observing) and there is little space in my brain to photograph (and not even hands to hold a camera)… but so many of the moments i wish i could bottle up.

between jaundice & a tongue tie, baby acne, sleepless nights, tears and worry (obsession) about my sweet baby girl – somehow i look at this first month with deep gratitude and appreciation for how it has brought so much down to basics. and how this first month has somehow been magical.

i wish i could just hold her all day and all night, and do my best to do so. i’ve let the house go and sit for longer than needed after nursing her – just to be still with her.

the boys (all three) are obsessed with her. and now have something new to fight over – who gets the eye contact with Lark. the number of kisses that happen in the house has increased so much. little lark probably gets kissed 50 times a day.

we’ve done too much in a day trying to keep up with the life of busy boys…

and then we’ve done just nothing too. and spread toys all over the house and watched a movie on a sunny summer day at 3:00pm.

our family of five has bonded in new ways. and enjoyed simple traditions like watching the fireworks from the yard and going to bed too late.

i have so many wonderful feelings and thoughts about our journey with lark already and was hoping to use this space to help us all remember this special and unique first year. but the truth is, i really hate words because they never sum up how i feel.

so my hope is to take more pictures. so i don’t forget these precious days.


lark esther

- our first week –

it’s all a bit of a blur. a beautiful, blissful, sleepless blur.



our little sweet girl joined our family this weekend.

we are all so in love.



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summer coming close

as we approach june and all the summer glory —

i watched this little compilation of last summer and got excited to see how similar and how different our upcoming summer will be…


summer 2015 from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.

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f a c e b o o k