our trip : part one

here we go.

a few pictures from our recent travels & my recent break from photography & blogging… well, maybe more than “a few”. the crazy thing is this is just mainly the first two weeks…  kudos to you if you make it through them all!!! xoxo
and then, with such sadness… we said goodbye to johan as he went home.  the boys and i stayed at the old farm house, living life more normally for an additional three weeks…  pictures from those times – coming soon… 

however – while i have many more photos of travels — my next blog post will be all about recipes and food inspiration from my sister who is grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free… and well, you get the point – HEALTHY!! can’t wait to share and also save for myself a few effortless ways she keeps herself & her family super healthy.  stay tuned…

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where we’ve been

this little blog space has been quite neglected lately – but for good reason. for the last five weeks, our little family has been traveling in europe – a dream trip truly.  we head back this week, and while i am so excited to go home, i can’t imagine leaving this incredible little chapter in our family’s life.after my sister moved from the states this spring – they landed in switzerland, in an old farm house surrounded by the alps.  

so we lounged & played at their old home, rode bikes in the countryside, took trains & traveled around switzerland, austria, & Liechtenstein… we ate incredible local meats, breads & cheeses… we sipped on local beer that is cheaper than water… and ate lots of fresh & local vegetables & fruits…  and drove into italy for a week.  

i have so much to share & blog about and am quite giddy over it all.  pictures of travels, just simple pictures playing at her house & recipes from my sister who cooks so effortlessly & healthy.

traveling internationally is exhausting & exhilarating – but the boys were amazing troopers despite getting quite tired at times…but the views & memories make all the effort worth it.

i truly believe that some of the views, some of the moments, and the feel of all the weeks was too beautiful, too wonderful, and too incredible to even attempt to photograph.  sometimes, it felt so good to not take a picture of a perfect moment or view.  but other times i just couldn’t resist.  i cannot wait to relive it all a little through this blog – in the coming days.



i’ve taken about a month break from all ‘professional’ photography and “work”.  it’s what i needed. but the camera has possibly been busier than ever.  taking the next few weeks off of this little space/blog too… but in a couple weeks i can’t wait to share all my rest has produced. because time & focus with these little two, and my special one yields my favorite captures.



i got a little sappy & caught up in looking through old pictures…  days seem “busy” until frozen into photographs and it all seems so surreal & peaceful.

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risking the tide

we almost didn’t go. we almost stayed inland. but so glad we risked the tide.

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trish scully child

i personally love the stories of people, especially when the depth & wisdom & grace is so rich & complex. i met trish at coffee to come up with a vision to photograph her clothing line. but what i found, is that the woman behind the dresses holds so much wisdom, love, faith, and strength. i’ve only seen a glimmer – but am inspired & encouraged to see women like her building a company with strength, compassion, and still being a mother first…



where breakfasts are slower.

sun is longer.

and home is sweetly seen in a different light. (and mostly a little messier for our stage)


f a c e b o o k