memories in the mundane

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home decor inspiration day-trip

after dropping kids at school, a few school mom friends and i quickly darted to OC (specifically here, along the newport coast) for some delicious window shopping at amazing shops & lattes & lunch. such a sweet little escape for a couple hours!

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garden to kitchen :: dinner

my garden is looking pretty sad these days: travel, drought and neglect all play a part. but somehow a few things are growing (surviving).  come march, i hope to revive it and have a glorious garden for spring & summer. currently growing (or trying to not die): oranges, lemons, grapefruit, peaches… broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, kale, chard, artichoke hearts and lots of herbs. hopes for what will come in addition: cucumbers, strawberries, apples, tangerines and lots more kale & chard. dusk – and gathering from what looks ready – to make a wintery soup from the garden: kale, chard, a lemon, herbs
from the kitchen: onion, garlic, rustic potatoes, shitake mushrooms, chicken stock, salt, pepper & left over roasted chickena slow simmer smelling so goodat the end, the wilted greens, shredded chicken, the juice of a whole lemon & topped with fresh parmesean

wintery, stormy soup

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bringing it back to life

blogging may be a little bit, a thing of the past… maybe. but i find it such a creative outlet and encouragement to capture and document the mundane and find it’s beauty. always by the end of january i regain some energy and momentum and have lots of hopes to bring this blog back to life. our life. simple nothings. simple boring moments or amazing beautiful ones. they all have the chance to be special.

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workshops twenty sixteen

amazing to think this will be my fourth year facilitating photography workshops for other moms, enthusiasts & photographers. i personally never feel i’ve “arrived” and know there is always so much more to learn! there are so many areas in which to grow and challenges to embrace. it is what makes photography an always changing & interesting hobby & passion. this year, due to a few adjustments in the plans for 2016, i am scaling the workshops down to just two. but each will be more comprehensive and longer than in the past. (last year’s workshop post)…

An overview of what to expect:

- FOUR hour workshop with a focus on knowing your equipment, utilizing lighting to get your best outcome, learning about the value of post processing & bringing  your photographs to the next level, and lastly: going deeper emotionally & personally into why you want to photograph in the first place

- workshops are broken into three parts : 1. technical aspects/knowing your camera, 2. practice (on models & with various lighting challenges), 3. explore post processing & digital tips, 4. finding your style and your approach to being emotionally connected with your photography and subjects

- each workshop will take place in my home but the practice time will occur both in my home working with challenging indoor light & also in a wide open field to practice with natural low light at the end of the day.

- practice prime lenses to borrow and try out as well as appetizers and wine as we wrap up the session

$250 per workshop  (to register, email me – or comment on this post with your interest)

Beginner Workshop: Saturday March 5, 2016 3pm-7pm

In-depth Workshop: Saturday March 12, 2o16 3pm-7pm


our family swiss holiday

we arrived christmas day. the reason for the trip all about who was there.

but every day was adventurous and full – taking in the beauty, the culture, and the winter of switzerland, Liechtenstein and austria.



our twenty fifteen











christmas and december actually continued in Switzerland, more of that to come…


a new year

the beginning of twenty sixteen…

the new year – always filled with hopes and a sense of renewal. i have quite a mental list starting.

i have lots of pictures, home projects, recipes, to get to.

and while i know instagram is “where it’s at”, i just love sticking to this ole blog and look forward to revitalizing it a little in the new year with all the new year ideas.


christmas morning

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december days

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f a c e b o o k