in the sweet by and by

in memory of my grandmother.

may 24, 1925 – may 19, 2015

“… we shall sing on that beautiful shore

the melodious songs of the blest,

and our spirits shall sorrow no more,

not a sigh for the blessing of rest.

in the sweet by and by,

we shall meet on that beautiful shore;

in the sweet by and by,

we shall meet on that beautiful shore.”


for my little sack of sugar, kai.

a day at the zoo just mommy and you.and a little one minute video, that you will probably watch a million times.

and i left a little extra of the elephants, since that is what you were most excited to see today.

but for me, i liked watching you play with the jaguar the best at the end.


the cutest fans…

…cheering on the greatest player (who happens to play for the astros).

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ten on ten – mother’s day

more ten on ten here:


mother’s day brunch

for my mom…


a beautiful woman, a beautiful heart.


little guys

when you have five lively young boys at your home for… well for any length of time…

a few tips: stay outside as much as possible and keep giving them food.

and maybe keep a towel and a band-aid close by too, you’re bound to need it at some point.

it’s rowdy, but i pretty much dig the life as a mother to boys, and all the fun & rowdy friends that come with it.


today. may day.


f a c e b o o k