kai came to a shoot

the boys came to a shoot this week. i gave them a lollipop to stay happy.  let’s just say the mix of sticky candy + dirt + sweat is really gross.

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the goughs. all of them. on whidbey island.

there is something so challenging & humbling about photographing people you know & love. i’m not sure when i met the first gough, but all i know is it was maybe around 15 years ago, and they have been special ever since. usually i start with photos, but this time – we start with them in motion.  we ended up with over 200 images from our time together, but here are just around 75… enjoy!


he came, and so naturally they are a beautiful family.

seeing a new family anticipate their first child is unlike anything (maternity shoot here). especially from the other side. and so beautifully, this couple naturally became one of the most adorably peaceful families i’ve photographed.  i pinch myself i get to document this journey so intimately for families.

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SEA to sea || morning

last week, rebekah and i started a shared photography journal together.  photographing a theme through the week & combining our images and thoughts…

(last week)

this week, we focused on morning.

oh mornings. the most unphoto-worthy time of our day.  but… i felt re-inspired to make some changes in our mornings so we have less frantic feelings, and more time, space, and chances to breathe before embarking on our days.  poor kai – i feel the same way until the coffee is made.
rebekah’s thoughts on her blog here…

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ten on ten

a day, ten on ten, that i photograph something each hour, over ten hours.  often it takes me longer than ten hours because an hour, or two or three go by which are crazy or just impossible to photograph. but today, wasn’t too hectic. so i started at 7am and took my last hour’s photograph at 4pm. glimpses into our day:

join me on this photography journal & link up with rebekah gough.



our third year now, documenting their visit to the grandparents.

each year as i look back at the pictures (here) and (here), there are favorites that are irreplaceable images.

this year, my favorite is all their colorful little selves lined up ready to catch a wave.

steel from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.

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