s i d e b y s i d e

i haven’t been around here much. for multiple reasons.

it’s almost been a year since i took down my photography business – and what has filled that space has been so spirit filling.

this past weekend, i was honored to photograph a weekend retreat for families in the seattle area that have a child battling cancer. for privacy reasons – i won’t post any faces here, but it was humbling, exhausting, beautiful, amazing, joyful and sad.


snow day trip

well… there was no “real” snow so far this season… but we had a great time at big bear on a short day trip none the less

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december ten on ten

t w e n t y  s e v e n t e e n

t w e n t y  s i x t e e n

t w e n t y  t w e l v e

t w e n t y  e l e v e n

t w e n t y  t e n



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snippets of a thankful week

that didn’t go as planned, but went as needed


the * n e w * children museum

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weekend with gramma & grandpa

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soup day

it’s a blazing 90 degrees. but we cherish pretending it’s autumn.

i’ve become obsessed with a weekly soup pot (sometimes two).

here – it is mondays. prepping & chopping…  simmering.

making enough to last for days, or impromtu guests, or to freeze… almost always grain-free. making our weekly meals loaded with veggies, protein & lots of healthy boosters – feeling sooooo good.

sometimes my own creation using whatever is ready in my garden – sometimes exploring fun recipes from inspiring things i see on pinterest.

this week’s soup is : “immune boosting soup” ( with a little added sriracha).

cooking & photography both take a lot of time. something therapeutic about it all. allowing the space to create – whether food or beauty. allowing the quiet to have ideas. creating the space to see things from a different perspective or taste things more carefully. tending to growing food so that consuming it is a true gift & pleasure.



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to overflow

just a quick – less than 24 hour visit – with my parents and ingrid’s family and our hearts are full – actually overflowing with love.

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f a c e b o o k