snippets of a thankful week

that didn’t go as planned, but went as needed


the * n e w * children museum

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weekend with gramma & grandpa

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soup day

it’s a blazing 90 degrees. but we cherish pretending it’s autumn.

i’ve become obsessed with a weekly soup pot (sometimes two).

here – it is mondays. prepping & chopping…  simmering.

making enough to last for days, or impromtu guests, or to freeze… almost always grain-free. making our weekly meals loaded with veggies, protein & lots of healthy boosters – feeling sooooo good.

sometimes my own creation using whatever is ready in my garden – sometimes exploring fun recipes from inspiring things i see on pinterest.

this week’s soup is : “immune boosting soup” ( with a little added sriracha).

cooking & photography both take a lot of time. something therapeutic about it all. allowing the space to create – whether food or beauty. allowing the quiet to have ideas. creating the space to see things from a different perspective or taste things more carefully. tending to growing food so that consuming it is a true gift & pleasure.



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to overflow

just a quick – less than 24 hour visit – with my parents and ingrid’s family and our hearts are full – actually overflowing with love.

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ten on ten

it was a day of chores and kids. however, we found the beautiful. the simple. the special.

the sweet memories in the mundane.

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take photographs that have no purpose.clean up & wear a pretty dress when no one is coming over. make cookies for no occasion. play interesting music loudly.let the fall winds blow everything around in the house. slow down enough to hang laundry in the sun.everyday, stare at your garden leaves – so much so that you notice new growth,  dead leaves, when a caterpillar has come. and sometimes just look at it – without doing anything to it.


late september

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big thank you to corey villicana to coming to photograph all the cousins & grandparents together – a few faves from our photoshoot…

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