c h r i s t m a s

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pre-christmas christmas

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’tis the season

’tis the season for my heart and schedule and camera to be filled to the brim.

’tis the season to feel both exhausted and inspired and honored in my work.

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ten on ten :: december

ten on ten.  a journal of a day each month. a photo an hour over ten hours. a way to shift perspective of the day and seek beauty, simplicity and what joys are occurring. thank you rebekah gough, almost nearly a decade of this practice you inspired. xoxo


northwest : autumn 2016

a family vacation. in the mountains for a memorable tradition of thanksgiving with friends, and in seattle for a few days enjoying a beloved place.

northwest autumn 2016 from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.




lark. is. rad.

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ten on ten

i think i have been doing ten on ten for almost nine years. every month, on the tenth day – take a photograph an hour. it honestly shaped my photography, my mindset, my business and my creative/artistic self. i was not a photographer when i started ten on ten, i just had a little baby gavin and a point and shoot camera. my dearest friend rebekah gough started it all – and i thought of her a lot today. another working, business-owning, stay-at-home mom. somehow juggling it all, with piles of laundry and a never ending to do list.

today’s ten on ten, i was working all day. and i’ll keep working after i put my children to bed. but i did not photograph that. i photographed what made my day sweet. i photographed what made my day beautiful. i photographed what gave my day meaning. this november, i will have done 20 photoshoots in the first 17 days of the month. it’s insane. but somehow, it’s lovely. and fun. and crazy. and enjoyable. and i seem to still be smiling and filled with gratitude after every single special photo session.

but taking pictures of my own, of my days… that’s what makes me tick. that is what makes me feel so much joy and peace. i don’t think i will ever stop photographing life. i love it all too much.


which one?

i’m wanting a big (20×24) of my three for my messy mash of photos in my hallway and can’t decide… color? black and white? which one? classic or dress-up?  help appreciated…



my sister comes to meet our sister

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because some day, i’ll want to remember that we just sat around watching her learn to start to play.

My Movie from stacy bostrom on Vimeo.

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f a c e b o o k