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comfort & challenge zones

i love my comfort zone. quiet, relational, private… us.home really. but yes, i love a good challenge, to push outside the comfort zone & feel the world’s vastness & see beyond our little world we create.  today i was realizing it is in my blood to have and savor both. so here’s to embracing the...

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there is a little walking bridge in our town that goes over the railroad tracks.  this quote is etched in the bridge, it always seems so fitting. i appreciate less words.  and silence. and of course the splendid sun.

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oh goodness. your kindness & encouragement about my year post was more than i could take almost.  i sit in quiet doing those things, loving my little family & never imagine others will say such words. humbled. beyond words. friday night – gavin sat with the music loud just quietly gazing at this blog all...

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the year – in photographs

2012 was a big year. maybe the biggest for our little family. it means so much to me to look back at the year & remember the amazing experiences, quiet moments, huge events, and emotional times.  so i’m sure there are way too many pictures for most, but this post is for me… & my...

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ten on ten :: january

the day started with a bang, gavin’s gum in kai’s incredibly long, baby-soft hair…  but it progressively got better, & was actually quite unproductive while constant all day.  mom days are like that. constant all day — joys, smiles, tears, excitement, quiet, busy — all to end with a sink of dishes i am choosing...

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happy new year

wishing all a new year filled with hope, a little more simple, a little more relaxed, and a few new adventures. enjoying time away from the computer still…  we will be back at it sometime, not sure when…

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f a c e b o o k