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around their house

more pictures from our trip — these quite different. so many days were “normal”, around the house, getting naps in, cooking, laundry, playing with the hose, and riding bikes…

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my sister’s carrot soup

there were so many things about our trip that re-inspired me… but quite possibly my sister’s kitchen & cooking is one of the top most inspiring things about our 5 weeks away.  i asked her for several of her recipes, to which she humbly responded, “oh i just throw things together!”  one day for lunch...

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our trip : part one

here we go. a few pictures from our recent travels… well, maybe more than “a few”. this is just mainly the first two weeks…  kudos to you if you make it through them all!!! xoxo and while i have many more photos of travels — my next blog post will be all about recipes and...

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where we’ve been

this little blog space has been quite neglected lately – but for good reason. for the last five weeks, our little family has been traveling in europe – a dream trip truly.  we head back this week, and while i am so excited to go home, i can’t imagine leaving this incredible little chapter in...

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i’ve taken about a month break from all ‘professional’ photography and “work”.  it’s what i needed. but the camera has possibly been busier than ever.  taking the next few weeks off of this little space/blog too… but in a couple weeks i can’t wait to share all my rest has produced. because time & focus with...

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i got a little sappy & caught up in looking through old pictures…  days seem “busy” until frozen into photographs and it all seems so surreal & peaceful.

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f a c e b o o k