gavin & his girls

we went on a roadtrip.  just myself, gavin, and the girls.  just a few hours in the car to the grandparents. i think maybe i was asked “are we there yet?”, or “how many more minutes until we are there?” or some version of that question about 1,000 times.  possibly the statement “i have to go potty!!” about 200 times, and a few random questions about anything in site or not in site as well, like “when is god’s birthday?”…  but considering we spent about 7 or so hours in the car together, with no napping and no videos – everyone was wonderful.  well, i guess despite a whole carseat full of vomit in the middle of los angeles – it was a great success. but overall– the laughter barely ever ceased, the fun was contagious.

a huge memory for everyone.

the slumber party aspect was………….. well – fun for the kids.  they were ready for pj’s at around 4pm, stories at 6pm for almost a half an hour, and the chatter, excitement and silliness continued on for maybe another almost 2 hours.  gavin was the last asleep and the first awake at around 5:50am (not typical!).  the girls awoke shortly after and by the time i got up at 7am – my mom had already been making waffle after waffle for these little guys.  really – every little moment was golden to these three.

a few times, especially in the car on the drive home this afternoon — gavin gave me a big eyebrows-raised smile with his whole face & body.

silent, non-verbal communication between just me & gav – saying (i think) “mom- that was awesome” 

and i gave him back a huge eye-brows raised smile saying “gavin, you are awesome.”


Amy - June 18, 2011 - 7:33 am

your water shots are amazing. what a fun time for gavin, those are times you never forget. and really? he just never could take a bad picture!

Emily - June 18, 2011 - 8:11 am

ADORABLE! Love the one of Emmy in the purple suit :) You are one brave woman to road trip with 3 kiddos!

gwen - June 18, 2011 - 11:30 am

just scrolled through with the girls. they loved every minute of their trip! definite highlights were “A SWING FOR ALL THREE” and “grandma’s waffles with WHIPPED CREAM!” now if I could just get them to stop asking when they are going back :)

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