holiday cheer

i was so gracious and created many reasons for this girl to laugh throughout the entire photoshoot last evening.  just imagine slow motion — me flipping over backwards over a piano bench and watching my legs flying through the air and crashing to a not-so-graceful landing.  oh, and shall i mention it was in a well-visited area where several bystanders even commented on the humor of it.  (i thought you were supposed to just laugh to your self when you saw a stranger eat it…  i think it was too funny and ridiculous they couldn’t help it!)  no one was hurt, but all of our stomachs from laughing so hard.  i was crying a little because i couldn’t stop laughing.  this little girl kept saying “laugh like you just saw stacy flip over and fall!!”  and she would just BUST OUT laughing.  glad i could bring some holiday cheer…

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