having visitors always is a nice excuse to see where you live with a new lens…  and in my case, to fall in love with it allllll over again.  my aunt and my cousin’s daughter are on a trip of a lifetime from kansas: over two weeks vacation including the ventura/santa barbara area, hawaii, and then down to us.   here was just monday…..  we missed the daddies while they were working, so gav just went with the girls.

stop #1: refugio state beach

stop #2: nojoqui falls (little hike & picnic)

stop #3: a santa barbara county organic farm

stop #4: solvang
a stop into the mission

stop #5: santa barbara (the drive from solvang to santa barbara through the back mountains is spectacular – but gavin and i napped most of it, i did wake up to see the glorious ocean view from the top of the mountains, but then went back to sleep……  we saw more of santa barbara – but as erika said as we were on state street, “somethings you just can’t get with a camera” – i agree, and sometimes it is nice to rest the camera and enjoy the moments.)  but i did get a lot of the beach time we had.  since erika plays volleyball in high-school in kansas, we surprised her with bringing a ball and playing beach volleyball as the sun set.stop #6 & #7: the pier and mexican food…  what a day!!

they are on the flight to hawaii now, and i am soooooo jealous.  but looking forward to them taking the train down this way next, when they get back from hawaii.

visitors sure are great.  anyone want to come visit;)

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