dreaming still…

in honor of martin luther king jr. day – my son’s first grade class voiced their own dreams.


i have a dream:

“…that there were no guns in the world.”

“…that Martin Luther King was still alive”

“…for everyone to be happy”

“…that no one would litter”

“…that there were no more bad guys”

“…that everyone had food”

“…that everyone would be nice to each other”

“…that everyone would share and be kind to each other”

“…that no one would kill animals”

“…that people would be kind and thoughtful to each other”

“…that no one would kill other people”

“…that no one would die anymore”

“…that more homes would be built for people who need them”

“…that sickness wasn’t real”


may we never cease dreaming and believing.


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