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a few weeks ago, when rebekah (my dear friend from seattle) and i started our weekly collaboration of photographs – we had a heart of simplicity — to find simple gratitude in life – and we were off to a good start (here and here).  i slowed down our momentum (sorry R!!!) with some really frustrating camera issues (meaning i had no functioning camera)  but we are back in action!

evenings is the theme this week. our last theme was mornings – and i was inspired to not only photograph the beauty of our mornings, but to be present and aware of the beauty of this stage of life in the mornings too.  next – we look at how to find beauty, gratitude, and simplicity in evenings.  and the reality is – evenings are nutty.  many days, we spend them at the pool to squeeze every last ounce of energy out of my busy boys before bed.  but also – i often am out doing photoshoots, so that homey lovely family dinner evening isn’t really a reality here.  i choose to believe i make it up in other ways. evenings for us are always unique. they are far from simple. and through this collaboration – i am choosing to be grateful for that.  the fun of evenings.  sometimes spent at the pool.  sometimes spent at the beach.  sometimes spent eating random foods on the counter and doing homework.  sometimes quiet with a wonderfully fresh & homemade-with-love-prepared-meal and sometimes they quietly dissolve into night with little excitement. and while evenings are unique – bedtime is almost always constantly peaceful and the same. beautiful and wild evenings, somehow lead into the first big deep breath of the day……. when the house becomes quiet & still & dark.

the photo collaboration is a mixture of my photos and rebekah’s (read her thoughts on evenings here).  simply a reflection of the diversity of evenings.

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